by Various Artists & VRIL

(to be released; may 5th 2011)

name of dvd; VRILFILMS
name of acts; Various artists, music by VRIL
label; Z6REcords
distribution; ReR Megacorp

Cat Nr Z602111DVD

The instrumental 'twangy' guitar band VRIL (Bob Drake, Chris Cutler, Lukas Simonis & -originally Pierre Omer -replaced later by Alan Jenkins) invited artists and filmmakers to add some images to their music (mainly songs from their second cd 'The Fatal Duckpond' ). So this is exactly what happened. And we think they did a great job. The DVD contains 17 songs (including 1 doubled).
The filmmakers were; Chuck O Meara, Stella van Voorst van Beest, Daniel Zimmer, Gelise, Pieter Jan Smit & Nino Purtskhvanidze, Sandra Salter, Marit Shalem & Lenno Verhoog, Clara Palli, Esther Urlus, Christine Bruckmeier, Sander Blom, Florian Cramer.



€ 10 postage included (for europe, rest of the wrold; add 3 euro's)