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What is a monster? In a musical context…. it's either the most horrible noise you can experience or, is it a new version of “4.33”? But horrible noise can be turned down, and “4.33” is very bearable if you've got a good book (or “40.33” for that matter). Then there is 'Neoliberalism', it's supposed to be the natural order of things. Just ask Ayn Rand (if she were still alive) and her 'objectivism'. There's so much information in the world that tells us we're mistaken, we're failing miserably, we're doing the wrong thing because it's not 'natural', 'objective' or 'logical' (all of these?). And the main point of this indoctrination; the 5 billion people that never listen to anything, who are slightly out of touch with day-to-day reality, they must be right (they’re in democratic heaven, together with all those Elvis fans).

The ideas and concepts of the CD, ‘Nature Stands Aside’ are partly inspired by Rosamund Purcell’s study 'Special Cases'. Doing 'abstract' stuff and actually 'improvising' (even worse!) means 'failing the best we can'.

For some strange reason we revisited the recordings a year after they were conceived and we were very fond of what we heard. And also we saw, in reading Purcell's study of natural anomalies, obvious similarities that reflected ‘irregularities’ inherent in our sounds. Maybe nature is a subjective subject after all?

‘Nature Stands Aside’ shows us that too loud, too soft, no rhythms, no melodious structures, sounds in the wrong place, cracks in the right place, are concepts that have more to do with our fears & sentiments than with reality. In other words; if we finally flush the obsolete concept of Darwinism & all who sail with that, we might find that ,after the decline of Capitalist 'Civilization', people start being curious 'again' and give the stuff that doesn't fit into their daily routine a chance. (don't count on it mate).

The release is packaged in an exclusive light cardboard 3-panel jacket sleeve, etched in full colour by the Extrapool Crew from Nijmegen. It is our new look that we intend to continue for subsequent releases. It looks more alive , fragile and personal then the very professional -but dull- looking digipacks.




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